Worried about your child

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Alongside the joy, satisfaction and fulfillment of parenting it can be challenging and really hard work at times. If you think your child is having difficulties or seems unhappy, blaming yourself and feeling uncertain about how to help and support them can leave you feeling unsure and anxious as a parent.

Tips for parenting a worried child

Parents as well as children need support and encouragement. Here are some tips if you are worried about your child:

  • If their worrying behavior is fairly recent think about what recent changes may have happened that your child could be struggling with.
  • Try to explore your child’s feelings and behaviour with them. For example “on the days that you don’t want to go to school what is about going to school that makes you want to stay at home?” or “when you shout at people at home what is it that is making you feel so cross?”
  • Ask your child for their ideas about what could be helpful for them
  • When you child is angry or upset try to remain calm so you can help to calm them down
  • Be clear about what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and why. It is helpful for children to know what is and isn’t OK and what will happen if they don’t respect this.

Find a family counsellor via UKCP website : https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/find-a-therapist/