Help for families

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Family conflict and dilemmas are very common. Ongoing family tensions and conflicts can be exhausting and stressful. Drawing on my experience as a family psychotherapist, here is some support and guidance for common family dilemmas that family counselling can help with.

Family Communication

There is often so much going on in daily family life that your interactions as a family can become focused around necessary daily activities and what needs to get done rather than some of the more important dilemmas facing you as a family. When a family is faced with changes or challenges, no matter how […]

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Worried about your child

Alongside the joy, satisfaction and fulfillment of parenting it can be challenging and really hard work at times. If you think your child is having difficulties or seems unhappy, blaming yourself and feeling uncertain about how to help and support them can leave you feeling unsure and anxious as a parent. Tips for parenting a […]

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Communicating with your teenager

Teenagers have a lot to cope with. They will be experiencing puberty, grappling with new demands and responsibilities in all areas if their life, alongside trying to develop their own identity and coping with peer group pressures. It may not be easy for a teenager to express their anxieties, difficulties or feelings. You may find […]

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Explaining Separation

Despite the best efforts of both partners many couple relationships do end in separation, and whilst this can be the right decision for you as adults trying to explain it to your child/ren can be difficult. Alongside having to cope with your own feelings of separation you will want to take care of and offer […]

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