Dual Careers

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In today’s society many men and women are striving for successful careers alongside a fulfilling home life.

Whether or not you are in a dual career relationship it can be challenging to balance the demands of your career alongside a supportive and fulfilling home life of which your couple relationship is integral.

With deadlines, working towards career aspirations, and the daily demands of work it is not unusual for partners mental and emotional energy to be focussed on work hoping that their relationship will slot into what's left.

There may also be dilemmas such as finding a complimentary work/life balance, or dovetailing two career paths particularly around key life transitions such as having children.

Dual career couple relationships

As with any couple a dual career couple will need to navigate their expectations of each other as partners and tackle how they communicate their feelings, needs and wishes for a fulfilling and supportive relationship.

Some specific questions that can be useful for a dual career couple to explore together are:-

  • Share your current professional aspirations and career path aspirations and discuss what implications these might these have on your couple relationship such as a desire to live abroad for your career and ideas around responsibilities for childcare etc
  • What aspects of your current career life do you find most challenging and how do and your partner notice this in your couple relationship e.g. if you often work to deadlines do you find yourself working longer hours or at weekends and what impact does this have on your couple relationship?
  • Do you and your partner feel that your work life demands and career aspirations are negotiated with each other in terms of the impact of this on aspects of your couple relationship?
  • How do you experience yourself at work and how is this similar and different to how you experience yourself as a partner?
  • What support would you like from your partner for your current and future career aspirations?

Dual career couple counselling

Couple counselling for dual career couples can help in establishing a fulfilling home and couple relationship life alongside career demands and aspirations. You may currently be experiencing some relationship dilemmas and problems, or it may be that you think it would be wise to have some expert support in sustaining and enhancing a satisfactory work and couple relationship balance.

My work with a dual career couple can help in:-

  • Identifying synergies between the abilities and skills each partner has in their work life that can be of service to their couple relationship
  • Developing effective communication skills as a couple
  • Discovering how to balance your careers and career aspirations with a fulfilling couple relationship and home life
  • Develop well-being and resilience for your couple relationship